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出自 國際最萌大賽百科
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作品 涼宮春日的憂鬱
聲優 川澄綾子
首次參賽 2008
參賽屆數 5


ISML2008 #20(43-20)

ISML2009 #21(45-18)

ISML2010 #8 (41-08)/Final #12(1-2)

ISML2011 #18(32-17)


Saber is a knight. Her pristine armor and sword embody her strength. Her clear eyes tell tales of her unbroken will. Her form sweeps through countless battlefields, light as the wind, powerful like a storm.

Saber is a knight. The bloodstained steel encasing her body seems heavy enough to crush her delicate frame. The ice within her gaze is a wall meant to stop the flames of regret. Her battle knows no end, no respite and no hope.

Saber is a hero. For a lifetime, she surrendered herself to the burden of the fate and expectations of a nation. She has long sacrificed everything she ever had, and yet the burden of duty torments her forever.

Saber is a girl. She keeps moving forward, waiting for her own life to begin. She keeps hoping and waiting for salvation.


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